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We have a problem. 

Capitalism isn’t wrong; it’s incomplete. 

We’re making economic decisions, inside of an incomplete and broken economic design, that is creating division and leading us to a broken destination.

The Blind Spot:

Labor is the foundation of capitalism, but laborers (our consumers) cannot sustain and grow in value without assets, and our businesses cannot sustain and grow in value without them. Our consumers are in an asset crisis, and over time, their asset crisis ultimately affects our businesses’ existence. This is due to a broken feedback loop in our current economic design. We are blind to the fact that our consumers’ economic instability directly affects our businesses’ ability to maintain productivity, sustainability, and growth.

In order to survive, companies and brands are forced to use this incomplete economic design, that in reality, proliferates the economic and wealth divide. This divide leaves people in poverty and companies perpetuating their own instability and uncertainty—due to primarily investing in products and not people. If our customers can’t survive, how will our companies ultimately thrive?

The effects of this instability in our current economic design, make it impossible for our businesses to create long-term sustainable growth over time. Inevitably—without a solution—this division causes businesses to face disruption, irrelevancy, and ultimately extinction.

At Human Elevation, we are solving this problem.

The Opportunity:

In partnership with S&P Global, who has been measuring the rise and fall of companies for 104 years and currently measures over $93 trillion of market value globally with 135 billion different data points, we have discovered one insight that has become predominantly clear over the last 60 years. The systemic division in our economic design, consistently creates disruption and business extinctions over time.

The Solution & Plan:

Human Elevation is a global investment and technology firm, building an interconnected and interdependent network of funds, technology, institutional, and cooperative entities, designed to aggregate and empower a global community around a new economic design, that will lift people (our community) out of poverty through technology.

With the value of digital footprints exploding globally, we’re building a connected community that will benefit financially from introducing solidarity to technology.

Human Elevation is building an eco-system and digital platform that will be owned by the communityAs a result, community members will be able to directly monetize and exchange the value of their physical and digital footprints from every view, engagement, interaction, and transaction as a commodity with the world. 

This design will make the community the asset, not the internet, social networks, and media conglomerates. Human Elevation will provide a “demand marketplace” where brands, market makers, and funds can invest directly into people’s lives as assets based on the usage of their real-time data, measures, exchanges, and predictable future actions.

The Destination:

Human “elevation” is the last revolution. We’re shifting from marketing to measuring, where demand is measured, not manufactured by marketing and advertising.

We will measure the complex problems and pains of the world and use that data to build people, not just products. We will empower consumers with a “Quality of Life” system that measures “where they are,” —and our “demand marketplace” will provide opportunities for corporations and individuals to invest in taking them “where they can be.” By putting people at the center of the economic design, we are ushering in new modes of efficiency and productivity to local and global economies. In addition, we are building a bridge for corporations, market makers, and funds to crossover, serve and sustain the value that sustains them — the lives of their customers, not singularly focused on only the shareholder. 

A house divided can — NOT — stand. We believe all people should have the opportunity to partake in capitalism but in an inclusive design. 

Let’s stop operating in a framework with blind spots that perpetuate the division, uncertainty, and instability, costing us our most valuable asset - LIFE and TIME. 

To go to market, Human Elevation will first launch its investment arm, The Architects Fund. The Architects Fund is the investment vehicle of Human Elevation designed to increase the value of our assets under management (the community) through acquisitions, buyouts, and venture capital investments for our community members, investor, and partners. The Architects Fund’s unfair advantage will be Human Elevation’s “demand marketplace” that allows us to know demand before supply — giving us an unparalleled predictive and controlled investment strategy by measuring then supplying.  

Our mission, our vision, and our purpose is in our name. We are Human Elevation. Building people who build the world.


Our Working Experience: Google, Pixar, E-Trade, Conde Nast, Apple, Michael Jackson, Highbridge Capital Management, Justin Timberlake, IAC, Target, Nike, Walmart, Tony Robbins, Select Equity Group, Ogilvy, LA Reid, Disney, Western Union, Scholastic, Nielsen Media, Taylor Swift, Dell, Starbucks, The Republic of Tanzania, Pepsi, Fedex, Epic Records, McDonalds, L'Oréal, Citigroup, Memorex, Yahoo, Chris Paul, Sony Entertainment, Steve Stoute, Microsoft, Publicis, Nelson Mandela, Usher, Western Union, Cognizant, Nielsen Media, TicketMaster, Lifetime, Time Warner, Fox, NASCAR, Subway, Omnicom Media Group, Ciara and HBO.

Our Investments: Thrive Market, Twitter, Jawbone, SJF Ventures, Living Social, Shake Shack Restaurants, SOCAP Global, Mela Artisans, TigerLabs, Mission Markets, Vox Telehealth, Charity Miles, Tender Greens.


The Architects Fund is the investment vehicle of Human Elevation designed to increase the value of our assets under management through acquisitions, buyouts, and venture capital investments for our community members, investors, and partners.

Robert Caruso

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Architects Fund

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We commit to launching the Architects Fund in 2022 to invest in an interconnected platform built on shared values and goals between businesses and consumer..

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We are committed to launching the Architects Fund in 2022.


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