Agro Cibus Industria e Comercio de Fertilizantes Ltda

We produce foliar fertilizer for all types of crops. We have developed a line of products that increase productivity by around 30% and reduce the number of pesticides used on crops, as we increase plant immunity, according to the results of more than three years of studies. 


Our mission is to revolutionize agriculture through the production and supply of first class organic mineral foliar fertilizers. We are committed to boosting crop productivity, raising the quality of cultivated plants, and significantly reducing dependence on pesticides in crops. We seek to contribute to the sustainability of the agricultural sector, promoting healthier practices for the environment and boosting benefits for society. 

 We believe in the power of innovation to transform agriculture in a sustainable way, offering solutions that improve crop results while respecting natural ecosystems. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in the superior quality of our products. We constantly seek to improve our formulas to provide farmers with the best possible results. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by promoting agricultural practices that protect and regenerate natural resources, reducing soil and water contamination. We also recognize that agriculture is a collective effort and value collaborative partnerships with farmers, researchers, and industry experts to drive innovation and share knowledge. We act with integrity in all our interactions, maintaining an ethical commitment to our customers, partners, and the wider agricultural community. 

 Our vision is to lead the positive transformation of the agricultural sector, being recognized as pioneers in promoting healthier and more sustainable agriculture. We aim to be the global benchmark in organic mineral foliar fertilizers, inspiring the widespread adoption of agricultural practices that increase productivity, improve crop quality, and contribute to a more balanced and ecologically conscious agricultural future. 

Cesar Aliardi

CEO, Agro Cibus Industria e Comercio de Fertilizantes Ltda

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Agro Cibus commitments to promoting sustainability in agribusiness by increasing crop productivity by 20% while reducing farmer pesticide usage by 40% by December 2025.

Activities & Initiatives

To achieve our goal, we will invest in research and development of organic solutions and sustainable agricultural technologies. We will enhance education and awareness among farmers about environmentally friendly farming practices. Our foliar fertilizer incorporates a proprietary organic compound and a blend of micro and macronutrients that significantly enhances plant immunity, making them remarkably resilient. Moreover, in conducted tests, we've observed that it prevents the development of rust on soybean leaves (fungus). Hence, our product heightens crop productivity and quality through nutritional balance and boosts plant immunity.

Measures & Targets

We will measure our progress through increased productivity and the percentage reduction in pesticide usage by December 2025. We aim to increase crop productivity by 20% and reduce pesticide usage by 40% by December 2025. We will measure productivity progress per harvest cycle and analyze pesticides used per hectare of cultivation. We are committed to contributing to a healthier agricultural sector by promoting responsible practices that benefit production and the environment.


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