Agora Partnerships

Agora promotes the growth, impact, and productivity of small and growing businesses (SGBs) across Latin America via a two pronged approach: direct programming and ecosystem building. Our direct programming facilitates the capacity building, market linkages, and capital resources needed for sustainable and inclusive growth. Our principal approach here is co-creating higher touch projects that solve specific sector, partner or geographic challenges while working in collaborative action to deliver the three aforementioned components for small business growth. Our ecosystem building work helps create the enabling environment businesses need to thrive. Our direct programming builds regional pools of productive and sustainable SGBs that have the capacity for scale. Specifically, participating SGBs: - Build business capacity (productivity, economic sustainability), - Integrate micro- and eco-innovations into their models (social and environmental sustainability), - Get access to flexible capital (operational and sustainability investment), and - Gain market linkages with commercial value chains (diversified and increased sales).Our ecosystem programming equips advisors and mentors across Latin America with the tools they need to support earlier stage entrepreneurs and microenterprises to become more resilient and sustainable. Participants specifically:- Learn effective methods of mentorship and facilitation - Increase the ability to build the business capacity/sustainability of local micro- and early-stage businesses - Create a network of advisors committed to perpetuating sound business practices, social and environmental responsibility, and collaborative action.


Agora Partnerships is a nonprofit organization guided by its vision of a world in which business is genuinely driven by social equity and environmental sustainability. The organization works to create inclusive prosperity across Latin America by:

1) Accelerating the growth of purpose-driven entrepreneurs through access to knowledge, markets, and capital,
2) Promoting social innovation in traditional small and growing businesses for economic, social and environmental sustainability, and
3) Cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems grounded in collaborative action and impact.

Cecilia Foxworthy

CEO, Agora Partnerships

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