Stuart Williams

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| Founder & Chairman

Stuart is a pioneer of (1993 co-creator of the platform called “Making A Profit While Making a Difference” – for which he has been granted a Trademark), and a global leader in Impact Investing, Impact Entrepreneurship, and the Leadership and Management strategy known as Profit for Purpose.

He is the creator of Impact Economics (Inclusive Capitalism) which is the future of Business, Capitalism, and Resilient and Inclusive Communities. After a rigorous 6-year pilot in Charleston, SC, Impact Economics is now being scaled across the world. It builds communities that are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable for all of their residents.

During his career, he has helped create almost $1B in realized shareholder value for the companies he started and sold, and or was an executive at.

He is a renowned “Impact Ecosystems Architect”, advising Governments, Corporations, Families of Wealth, Community Leaders, and Foundations on how to embed Profit and Purpose strategies into their business, and personal, and public lives.

He designed and still helps teach the award-winning, 6 credit ImpactX Class at the College of Charleston, plus Charleston’s free community class focused on inclusive Impact Entrepreneurship. Both classes allow people to participate in and personally benefit from the creation of a sustainable future.

He is the founder of the Stuart Williams Impact Scholars program at The College of Charleston and of Impact Life Corp., a South Carolina Public Benefit Corporation purposed to help change the lives of unpaid family caregivers. He also mentors people wishing to make their Impact Dreams come true and created In Place Impact’s global scholarship program, providing needs-based scholarships for people wishing to Make A Profit While Making a Difference in their own communities.

Stuart is a Founder, CEO, Chairman, Speaker, Author, Mentor, and Board Member, and believes that:

“What is in our heads makes us marginally dangerous to the status quo, but what is in our hearts makes us a global force to be reckoned with”.

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