Pankaj Agarwal

| Treta Agro Pvt. Ltd. (Just Organik)

| Managing Director

Pankaj Agarwal is an accomplished entrepreneur with a background in technology, strategy, and organic agriculture. He started his career in the Mobile telecom industry, contributing to the growth of multinational companies like Siemens, Lucent, and Motorola. Afterward, he served as the Head of Presales (Asia) for Tekelec, a US-based multinational.

In 2011, Pankaj founded Triotech Solutions, a successful Telecom venture specializing in mobile commerce and payment solutions. In 2013, he established Treta Agro (P) Ltd, an agriculture produce-oriented group focused on organic farming. The company’s mission is to make safe and healthy organic food more accessible and affordable while supporting farmers through organic farming practices. Under the brand “Just Organik,” the company has become a prime player in the organic industry, covering various regions in India and exporting to countries like the USA, UAE, Australia, UK, and France.

Pankaj works directly with over 4,000 farmers, promoting organic agriculture and providing forward linkage to farmers and farmer groups. He is dedicated to supporting small and marginal farmers and increasing their income and creating sustainable livelihoods. Pankaj holds the position of President at the Confederation of Organic Industries in India (COII) and is involved in mentoring and motivating startups through incubation centers.

Pankaj Agarwal is a respected entrepreneur and industry leader, driving positive change in the organic agriculture sector.

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