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Pablo Tokos Larraín is a prominent Chilean businessman with a broad career in the world of business. He was born in Santiago, Chile, and also holds Czech nationality.

From a young age, he demonstrated great business acumen, which led him to hold executive and managerial positions in companies in the retail, real estate, and automotive sectors. In his business career, Tokos served as Commercial Director of Chile at Citroën.

In 2016, he decided to make a radical change in his career and move to La Araucanía, the poorest region in Chile. It was in La Araucanía where Tokos founded Tokosova Hydrovalv SpA, a company specialized in technified irrigation systems for small-scale agriculture, which expanded throughout the southern region of Chile in only a few years.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial vision, social commitment, and special emphasis on public-private cooperation, which he calls the “triumvirate with a sense” composed of: Company, The Academy, and Government, Tokos has managed to bring technology to small agricultural producers in the area, improving their productivity and quality of life, achieving a triple impact: economic, social, and environmental.

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