Karime Pavez

| Inclusiva Consulting

| CEO and Co-Founder

Master’s in Marketing and Communication, specializing in Business for the Base of the Pyramid by Fundação Getulio Vargas FGV (São Paulo, Brazil), and Bachelor of Advertising in Social Communication from Diego Portales University (Santiago, Chile).

Currently, I work as CEO of Inclusiva Consulting, a consultancy founded on the belief that businesses can be agents of change and transformation to reduce inequality and socially and economically include millions of people who belong to the Base of the Pyramid. I believe that the private sector and businesses can significantly contribute to moving towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable society. Although Inclusiva was established in 2016, for over 17 years, I have specialized in generating robust knowledge about the lower classes in Latin America and in the development of inclusive businesses.
Throughout these years, I have conducted more than 300 in-depth studies, programs, solutions, and projects aimed at including and positively impacting poor, vulnerable, and emerging families in different countries across the region, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Peru, in key areas of life and economic sectors such as food, agriculture, housing, education, finance, health, technology, among others. My deep and diverse experience has allowed me to design successful business solutions from the private sector that seek to make a significant impact on the Base of the Pyramid, design social programs, and finally, develop a systematic study of the superstructure of thought of the lower classes in Latin America based on consistent behavioral patterns found in the series of interventions carried out during these years, called Base Thinking Principles (BTP). In 2022, I decided to expand Inclusiva Consulting’s operations in Chile.

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