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With over 15 years of experience, Duygu has been dedicated to building innovative businesses that create value and impact. After spending five years in the corporate world, she boldly pursued her entrepreneurial dream. After exiting her first startup in Turkey, she moved to New York to further pursue her dreams.

To Duygu, a company isn’t just a profit-making entity; it’s a platform to spread goodness, uplift communities, and heal the world. This belief wasn’t just confined to words. It materialized as New York’s inaugural conscious marketing and business agency, a groundbreaking initiative she founded. This agency isn’t merely about business plans and profits; it’s a crucible where ideas with purpose and passion converge to create ventures that matter.

Today, Duygu holds a revered position as a board member for Conscious Capitalism, where she actively champions the blend of profit and purpose, ensuring businesses align their strategies with higher goals of societal good. At the same time, she works with her team to develop AI-based marketing software.

Outside the world of boardrooms and startups, Duygu is a poet, hiker in the nature, playing acoustic guitar, meditator, and writer. She believes in the world’s interconnectedness, and every journey for her is a step closer to understanding the tapestry of human experiences.

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