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Blair Fitzgibbon began working in media 28 years ago and then left to begin a 5 year career on Wall Street as a financial advisor. After the events on September 11, he returned to media having knowledge of the financial markets helping him broaden his perspective on the news cycle. Since then he’s run global PR campaigns with the United Nations, the Vatican, Presidential candidates, Congressional candidates, European Parliament members, the Mexican Election Commission, multiple Nobel Prize winners, NASDAQ and LSE companies, foundations and governments. In 2012, Blair managed media during the 24-hour internet blackout for Wikipedia, Reddit and Mozilla protesting internet censorship. In 2014, he led US media outreach for the most successful climate change report in history with WRI called “New Climate Economy” which became the model report in the climate finance space from then on. In 2016, he helped advise the largest ever global climate change event known as the 350 Break Free week of action. Staring in the spring of 2017, Blair has led the launch and subsequent annual index reports for the top global gender equality coalition Equal Measures 2030 partnered with Gates Foundation, ONE Campaign, KPMG and many others. Later in 2017, Blair helped devise the plan for Nobel peace prize winner Beatrice Fihn of ICAN to personally ask Pope Francis during her visit to the Vatican for him to announce during his televised public prayer in St. Peter’s Square that all nations should eliminate nuclear weapons. In 2019, Blair worked directly with the Alexandria Villasenor and her family during the Youth Climate Strikes. Blair has consulted with the United Nations Secretary General’s office for multiple reports by the UN FACTI Panel focused on global tax and corruption. Blair’s business proudly runs media in every country operating on all time zones working for the good of the planet.

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