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| Initiative for Social and Economic Inclusivity of Underprivileged Persons

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Bello Ademola AbdulRauf, founder of ISEIUP and owner of Greenvista Farms, holds a BSc degree from Lagos State University. As a business coach and inclusive development consultant, he’s dedicated to creating an inclusive labor market and combating poverty. Bello established Raff and Nelly Business Solutions to empower entrepreneurs. With a strong belief in inclusive business, he seeks to address poverty’s root causes through work and social security. Bello’s expertise encompasses inclusive business acceleration, local value chain development, and strategic partnerships. His commitment to scaling initiatives and fostering positive change is reflected in ISEIUP. Additionally, his venture, Greenvista Farms, aims to boost employment within marginalized communities and fulfill his vision of a food bank for widows, people with disabilities, and non-active labor market members.

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