Suleikha Sutter

Programs Associate

Suleikha Sutter is the Programs Associate at the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. In this role, she works with the Council’s community of CEOs and heads of partner organizations to develop commitments for their organizations to take action to build more inclusive and sustainable economies and societies.

Prior to joining the Council, Suleikha worked as a policy analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit focused on impact programs for international economic development. Before the Economist, she served as a researcher for CARE International’s global gender development programs. She also worked at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), analyzing macro and microeconomic policy in Africa and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. She has also worked in local government at New York City Mayor’s Office Commission for Gender Equity, where she conducted policy and advocacy research on issues pertaining to pay inequities as well as asset and leadership gaps. She started her career in Paris, at the NGO Fondation Scelles dedicated to combating international sexual exploitation. Suleikha has a Masters in International Relations from New York University.

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