Meredith Sumpter


Meredith Sumpter is the CEO of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, where she leads the work of the Council along with Steward members. She also is CEO of the separate Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism, a global non-profit that engages stakeholders across the private, public, and civic sectors to drive reform initiatives that make capitalism inclusive and its benefits more widely and equitably shared.

Formerly, Meredith was Head of Research & Strategy at Eurasia Group, a global political risk advisory firm. In that role, she oversaw the firm’s research platform and provided analysis on global politics and 21st century drivers of trade, disruption, and growth. Her nearly 20-year experience in public policy, analysis, and business spans multiple regions and sectors, including ICT, media, consumer goods, healthcare, banking and finance, and commodities. She previously also led strategic advisory for Fortune 500 firms across East, Southeast and South Asia, worked in the US Senate, and served as a US diplomat in Beijing, where she advised two US ambassadors and analyzed politics, economics, and security issues for the policy community.

Meredith is at heart a public servant dedicated to expanding opportunity. She holds an advisory position at the “think and do tank” New America along with the Harvard Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics, where she convenes local leaders with national research experts on innovative policy reforms to renew the social contract as part of the Justice, Health & Democracy Rapid Response Impact Initiative. Meredith has appeared on major networks including CNBC, Bloomberg, MSNBC, BBC, CNN. She enjoys engaging public audiences and presenting at industry and global conferences. Meredith was raised in rural Alaska and has a rich life parenting four children with her husband Ryan.

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