Vayda is a farming and agtech company that facilitates the transition from conventional to regenerative farming


We are in the midst of a climate crisis, that left unchecked may threaten the very existence of humans on this planet.  Agriculture has been a meaningful contributor to this crisis.  Why? Because the “industrial farming” system that we know today evolved in response to the problem of its generation, namely mass starvation.  It succeeded in feeding the world, but these industrial agriculture practices (mass tilling, monocropping, synthetic chemicals, etc.) were  implemented without regard for their unintended long-term consequences, and without consideration of the ecological dynamics of agro-ecosystems.

Conventional agriculture is not only emitting large amounts of green house gasses, but also degrading soils/microorganisms that has led to less nutrient dense food, desertification, etc.  This dynamic has create a massive negative feedback loop which needs to be reversed in order to solve global warming – the existential threat of our generation.

The good news is that agriculture is one of the few industries that can do a 180-degree change and transition from carbon emitting to carbon sequestering.  This can be achieved by converting from industrial to regenerative farming practices.  And not only is regenerative farming good for the environment,  but also good for the farmer who can triple profitability.

Today’s farmers are excellent, having mastered conventional farming over the last 50+ years.   Vayda helps these farmers become experts in regenerative farming by making the transition simple and affordable.  Vayda is creating a state of the art digital and physical farming platform that is being rolled out across the United States.


Steven Feldman

Founder, Vayda

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By 2030, Vayda farms and customers will cause annual reductions of carbon emissions by 50mm tons and applications of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides by 30mm applications.

Activities & Initiatives

Vayda is developing “The Vayda Platform”, an end-to-end suite of solutions and services that creates a simple and profitable transition from conventional to regenerative farming.  The Vayda Platform includes a suite of on-farm technology from sensor to telemetry, off-farm analytics to optimize decision making, on-farm advisory services, financing and high value crop and credit sales.  Vayda will implement the Platform on its own farms across the country which will also serve as R&D centers and showrooms.

Measures & Targets

By 2030, Vayda farms and customers will cause annual reductions of carbon emissions by 50mm tons and applications of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides by 30mm applications.


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