Valoris Stewardship Catalysts
Valoris Stewardship Catalysts was founded in mid-2021 by leading investor-side practitioners in governance, stewardship and sustainability. Together, our founders have eight decades of on-the-ground experience working inside public- and private-sector financial institutions and with their clients and portfolio companies to operationalize stewardship, governance and sustainability. Our team provides expertise and support to institutional investors and financial institutions to design and execute strategies for evaluating environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors in their decision-making and engage with clients and investee companies. Our first-hand knowledge of how financial institutions actually operate enables us to design and implement sustainability solutions that work because they are firmly embedded in the organization’s own governance, incentives and organizational structure. Our leadership and staff have unmatched global experience and know-how working with asset owners, fund managers, impact investors, financial institutions, development finance institutions, private equity investors and their portfolio companies to achieve their stewardship and ESG goals. Valoris directly engages with portfolio companies on behalf of our investor clients and works with them to respond to investor expectations and meet the challenges of effective corporate governance and long-term sustainability. Over the course of their careers, the Valoris team has evaluated the governance and sustainability of hundreds of companies, listed and private, large firms and SMEs, across both developed, emerging and frontier markets. Our work includes support of the network of worldwide international and national organizations that support better corporate governance, sustainable finance, and sustainable enterprises.


Helping investors, financial institutions and others navigate the complex ecosystems around governance, stewardship and sustainability is what drives us at Valoris. We decided to combine our experience and talents because we believe that together we can help a greater number of institutional investors, financial institutions and others meet the constant challenge of implementing stewardship in evermore systematic, complete and effective fashion.

Mike Lubrano

Managing Director, Valoris Stewardship Catalysts

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We believe it is vital to state clearly to the world the set of our beliefs about Inclusive Capitalism. As such, we start with our Statement of Guiding Principles for Inclusive Capitalism. Knowing that words alone are not enough, each of us is making a series of commitments about how we will operate our institutions so that they help achieve Inclusive Capitalism. These commitments are forward-looking statements based on current goals, expectations and assumptions, which are not guarantees of future performance. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use

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Valoris Stewardship Catalysts will publish a series of of quarterly critical thought pieces on integrating governance, stewardship and sustainability factors in fund managers’ investment processes in the course of the coming year.

Activities & Initiatives

Valoris's will initiate the publication of a series of of critical thought pieces providing guidance to fund managers around how to effectively integrate governance, stewardship and sustainability by systematically considering sustainability factors in their investment decision-making processes. The thought pieces will focus in particular on the challenges facing smaller fund managers. We will draw on our independent research, including the data we recently gathered in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies' Social Enterprise Accelerator. The thought pieces will also reflect additional information gathered from discussions with our clients and others as such parties adapt their practices during this current period of rapidly evolving public awareness, asset owner expectations, reporting patterns, regulation and technology.

Measures & Targets

Valoris Stewardship Catalysts will measure success based on: the number of thought pieces issued; the number of governance, stewardship and sustainability topics treated; and the engagement of readers (measured by website hits, Linked In comments, etc.).


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Recognizing it will take alignment of all our organizations to scale impact globally, we invite you to join the movement as a Steward of Inclusive Capitalism. Together, the collective action of Council members will contribute to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future for all people and our planet.