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Transcontinental University is a global institution of higher education that understands that people systems are at the heart of success for organizations and our planet.  We have developed programs that focuses on the development of the “whole person” from a multiple intelligence’s perspective and implemented powerful people systems that enable companies to address major challenges like being more innovative, honoring the diversity of thought, designing equitable talent development systems, and creating an inclusive and sustainable culture. Our consulting solutions provide organizations with a suite of systems that secures desired outcomes, while developing the perceptions, thought processes, and decisions of current leaders within an inclusive educational process. Both our DE&I and ESG solutions explore these fields from a systemic perspective that empowers leaders with the knowledge, experiences and tools to drive sustained success. Our academic solutions provide organizations with a stable pool of future leaders, while addressing numerous current problems. Our engagements yield at least some of the following outcomes:
  • Systemic insight into sustainability
  • Organizational congruence between awareness of inclusive capitalism and daily actions/organizational strategies
  • Increased innovation, not just in products and services, but also in efficiencies and people systems
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Inclusive culture
  • Lower employee turnover
  • Greater sense of belonging
As leaders in the field of sustainability, we are proud to announce our Executive MBA in ESG Strategy and Culture that develops the leaders needed to achieve organizational commitments within the fields of people, planet, principles of governance, and prosperity.  It is a degree that focus on developing systems thinking in a complex environment.


To provide the global community of leaders and learners access to an innovative curriculum, an educational model, and systemic solutions that focus on the development of the “whole person” from a multiple intelligence’s perspective. Within the sustainable development initiatives of organizations, leaders need to understand how to think systemically and need the skills to design systems that achieve their goals. Our programs integrate educational, social, organizational, and cultural psychology with a broad range of knowledge resources while drawing upon the expertise of a global mix of both academically and professionally qualified educational leaders/consultants who facilitate individualized development programs and global outreach that transforms business, society, culture, and learners. We hope to develop a global leadership talent base who will make the necessary systemic enhancements for a sustainable future, whether it’s with Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DE&I) or Inclusive Capitalism.

Ted Sun

President & CEO, Transcontinental University

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Who Wants Loyalty to Money? Overcoming The On-going Retention Challenge
Paying people more money to stick around is costly from numerous perspectives and is far from sustainable. Organizations should not be training their people to be loyal to money. Instead, create a sense of community to learn, grow, innovate, and produce something meaningful.
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