Sustainable Green Environment (SGE) Initiative an incorporated Non-Governmental Organisation is a community of young people and professionals trained to become internationally recognized sustainable professionals.  Our initiative harness the talent, energy, and skills of young people and professionals towards a collective effort put forward to achieving a sustainable Natural and Built environment in Africa. Within the next five years, the Initiative is going to train, support and task ten thousand young people and professionals from different industries in the country with the responsibility of raising, driving and coaching hundreds of individuals each on how to create awareness and execute projects that will connect the essentials of green environment, with keen attention on eradication of climate change impact through mitigation and possible ways to adapt to the changes in our environment. Sustainable Green Environment Initiative therefore being a global community of young people and professionals saddled with the responsibility of creating awareness, sensitizing, projecting and participating in the sustainable development movement across the country and beyond, is passionate about reviving and transforming our depleting environment to a more sustaining environment for the next generation. SGE Initiative believes that ignorance of the modalities and benefits of driving a cause towards sustainable environment is a major cause of the resistance to the adoption of green environment in the African countries.


Sustainable Green Environment (SGE) Initiative is aimed at reaching and impacting Ten Million people within the next five years on Climate Change restoration, mitigation, and adaptation by entrenching Sustainability in the Natural and Built environment.

Sanmi Olowosile

Chairman, Sustainable Green Environment Initiative

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