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Social Lens is a mission-driven consulting firm that provides a comprehensive suite of management consulting services across Capacity Strengthening, Impact Design and Skilled Volunteering to advance the missions of Social Impact Organisations and maximise the returns of philanthropic investors in the social sector. Social Lens actively collaborates with social organisations to design customised, sustainable solutions that strengthen last-mile delivery practices, and maximise the returns of philanthropic investments, resulting in better solutions for society’s biggest problems. We leverage our sector-wide experience to strengthen organisations through a combination of customised consulting services, insights and spearheading initiatives, while consistently striving to find new ways for achieving measurable results against some of the toughest challenges faced by communities. Social Lens generates and disseminates purpose-driven insights that allow for effective strategic, operational and program level decisions. We design, track, and measure impact to facilitate the achievement of organisations planned development goals for the people and the planet more efficiently. With 10 years of experience, we have built the expertise to strengthen the Impact Ecosystem by making value driven changes.    


Social Lens was founded in 2016 as a for-profit organisation that brings together professionals working in close collaboration with philanthropy and grant-making institutions to empower social purpose organisations with the knowledge and skills to advance their capacities and improve the outcomes for the communities they serve.

We strive to combine the talent and expertise of ecosystem experts and to collectively design innovative processes to solve some of the most crucial organizational challenges and consequently strengthen the social impact space.

Our purpose is to optimise the handprint of social impact through our offerings in capacity strengthening, impact design, and a lasting legacy of institutional learning.


Vijaya Balaji

CEO and Founder, Social Lens Consultancy Ltd

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We believe it is vital to state clearly to the world the set of our beliefs about Inclusive Capitalism. As such, we start with our Statement of Guiding Principles for Inclusive Capitalism. Knowing that words alone are not enough, each of us is making a series of commitments about how we will operate our institutions so that they help achieve Inclusive Capitalism. These commitments are forward-looking statements based on current goals, expectations and assumptions, which are not guarantees of future performance. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use

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Social Lens is committed to improving access to knowledge and awareness for social purpose organisation by creating more open-access resources by 2024.

Activities & Initiatives

To improve access to knowledge and awareness for social purpose organisation, Social lens will create more open-access resources of relevant industry topics and by conducting webinars and cohort based training support to strengthen the capabilities of people, processes, and systems to ensure the achievement of institutional competencies. To achieve this, we will also partner with in-house and industry-leading domain experts to integrate solutions with the prevailing best practices


Measures & Targets

Social Lens will measure progress by tracking the increase of 30% in open-access resources for social purpose organisations per year.



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Recognizing it will take alignment of all our organizations to scale impact globally, we invite you to join the movement as a Steward of Inclusive Capitalism. Together, the collective action of Council members will contribute to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future for all people and our planet.