Shinhan Card
Shinhan Card Co., Ltd., a subsidiary wholly owned by Shinhan Financial Group, is the No. 1 credit card company in Korea that maintains the industry’s leading position in all major management indicators, including market share, number of members, and net profit.


Shinhan Card is establishing and pursuing a vision of ‘Connect More, Create the Most (a company that creates the best value through connection)’ based on the view that the essence of the credit card business is to connect our customers, credit card member store, and partners in order to create added value that is beneficial to all.

As a responsible corporate citizen, Shinhan Card will cherish our roles and responsibilities required by our customers, employees, and society, fulfill our duties of ‘A Better World through Finance’, and continue to expand eco-friendly, win-win, and trust-based management. We will also lead the era of data economy to combine open digital innovation and sustainable finance, and do our best to become a ‘first-class Shinhan Card’.

Young Jin Lim

Former CEO, Shinhan Card

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Shinhan Financial Group will promote the transition to a low-carbon economy by reducing its own carbon emissions by 46% in 2030 and the Group’s asset portfolio by 38% in 2030 and 69% in 2040.

Activities & Initiatives

Shinhan Card’s financial business seeks to reduce negative impacts on the environment, increase positive impacts on eco-friendly transition, and thereby will realize a future eco-friendly society in which carbon emissions will be zero.

Measures & Targets

The Group is planning to reduce its own carbon emissions by 46% in 2030, and 88% in 2040, using SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) methodology in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, and the carbon emissions of the Group’s asset portfolio will be reduced by 38% in 2030 and 69% in 2040, in order to achieve Net Zero in 2050.

SDG Focus Area(s):


Shinhan Card supports the transformation, supply, and spread of zero emission vehicles as part of Shinhan Financial Group’s Zero Carbon Drive by converting 30% of our vehicles into zero emission cars in 2025, 70% in 2028, and 100% in 2030.

Activities & Initiatives

Shinhan Card will convert all models of vehicles owned for car lease and rental car business into zero emission vehicles.

Measures & Targets

We aim to convert 30% of our vehicles into zero emission cars in 2025, 70% in 2028, and 100% in 2030.


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