RME - Rede Mulher Empreendedora
The first and largest women's support network, Women Entrepreneur Network (RME in Portuguese), was born out of the difficulty faced by Ana Fontes in creating her first business. Annoyed by the lack of services for women to have access to qualified content and guidance, she started this movement, which today is the largest women's support platform in Latin America with almost one million participants.  Since its creation, RME has demonstrated its vocation to amplify the voices of many women that are searching for economic and financial autonomy. Over these 11 years, RME's work is relevant and essential to promote gender equality, as it develops models and methodologies on the following pillars: Training with methodologies developed that work on the recovery of self-esteem and tools for business development. Business support services that include free mentorships, the RME Acelera acceleration program and RME Digitaliza, our newest program created to support the digitization of businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Access to financial resource including direct donations and collaboration with the following credit access initiatives: Fundo Dona de Mim and Estímulo 2020. RME is also co-founder of MIA - Mulheres Investidoras Anjos. Market access including the marketplace/showcase platform that encourages women to buy from women, also through strategic partnerships with UN Women, Movimento Mulheres 360 and with RME Conecta.   


To promote economic autonomy of women entrepreneurs through income generation, financial education, and self-esteem programs and services for women-led business. 

Ana Lucia Pedro Fontes

Founder, RME - Rede Mulher Empreendedora

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