Employing millions of the world’s smartest people, corporations can be a force for massive good. Yet too often, long term financial performance and pledges to a fairer and more sustainable future are undermined by outdated financial incentives that encourage CEOs to deliver short term gains at all costs. Reward Value works to redress this by redesigning executive remuneration to create sustainable long term value creation.  In cooperation with institutional investors, business schools and the business community, Reward Value is developing evidence-based, long-term, sustainable and stake-holder inclusive executive remuneration policies that free CEOs to take the broader view.


Like many corporate practices, executive remuneration is driven by convention. Without a viable alternative, supervisory boards stick with the same incentives they’ve always used.

A preliminary study commissioned by Reward Value to SEO Amsterdam Economics confirms an over-reliance on short-term financial measures in remuneration as a proxy for long-term value creation. The resulting pressure on CEOs to maximise short-term profits undercuts long term financial performance, stifles progress on environmental and social goals, and threatens the long-term viability of the companies they lead. An overhaul of remuneration conventions is overdue.

Reward Value contributes to the modernisation of financial rewards by developing policy through its research arm and supporting practical implementation via its consulting arm. Acting from an analytical, factual, independent base, Reward Value involves a wide range of stakeholders to develop its recommendations.

Frederic Barge

Founder, Reward Value Foundation

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