Research Institute for Japan’s Globalization (RIJAG) is an independent non-profit incorporated association researching approaches to globalization based on the experience of Japanese people and creating a platform to make proposals from Japan to the World. RIJAG is a sister organization of the Institute for International Strategy and Information Analysis, Inc. (IISIA), an independent think tank founded by Takeo Harada (a former career diplomat in the Foreign Ministry of Japan) who is also the president of RIJAG. IISIA is ranked 31st out of 109 "Think Tanks to Watch" by the Lauder Institute at the University of Pennsylvania for "excellent research and innovative advances within the last 24months." RIJAG works hand in hand with IISIA to promote global leadership education in Japan and worldwide (i.e. the University of Tokyo, Japan; the University of St. Petersburg, Russia; the Fulbright University, Vietnam). Examples of projects co-sponsored by IISIA & RIJAG include:

1. Global Leadership Education in Japan and worldwide (the University of Tokyo, the University of St. Petersburg, the Fulbright University of Vietnam, etc.).

2. Commitment to SDGs (4. Quality Education 8. Economic Growth and Equality 16. Peace and Justice).

3. Collaboration with like-minded organizations including NGOs, companies, and international organizations.


Our mission is to: research how globalization should move forward in today’s international society of turbulence; nurture human resources that contribute to the genuine globalization for Japan; establish cooperative relationships with individuals and organizations in Japan and overseas that serve the purposes stated above.

RIJAG stands with IISIA`s mission of “Giving the People Hope and Future.”

Takeo Harada

President, Research Institute for Japan`s Globalization (RIJAG)

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