PUBLIQ is reshaping the internet by enabling censorship-free creation, selection, and assessment of content. It offers a unique experience where the wealth generated is fairly and exclusively distributed to the network participants. PUBLIQ offers a distributed P2P network for the direct exchange of digital assets, facilitated by its open protocol. It guarantees all content creators and distributors full inclusion, freedom of expression, and protection of rights. The main asset in the exchange is the free, authentic, and immutable content, a service (CAAS) that fairly rewards creators whenever and however it is consumed. PUBLIQ constantly distributes total ownership and revenue to all the network members in real-time and based on merit.


PUBLIQ Foundation facilitates the peer-to-peer network (P2P) for independent authors and publishers, essentially building the Internet of Creators*.

99% of all 200 M active websites and blogs earn less than $60 per year. Centralization discourages hundreds of millions of existing and potential media entrepreneurs from investing in online media.

We believe the solution is in democratizing the Media Market and helping its independent participants create an alternative one.

– The Internet of Creators is an open P2P network owned and operated by all its members. It is supported by the interconnected and native blockchain system, storage, and channel nodes that use the PUBLIQ protocol suite for node-to-node communication, rights and transaction verification, authorization, storage, and distribution of assets like free content and instant wealth distribution. The network is using a native utility token, PBQ. The protocol is designed for flexible business logic implementation and may build other ecosystems beyond media.

Gagik Yeghiazarian

Co-Founder, PUBLIQ Foundation

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