PROGRESPECT (A Public Policy and Sustainable Business Consulting Group)
PROGRESPECT is an independent non-profit entity, established in 2007. It has a specific and targeted mission to work on governance, transparency and civil society issues. With an approach to provide free and fair practices in the democratic setting. It has commitment specially to enhance transparency aspects in public spending at micro/grassroots level. At the same time, it monitors public expenditure at macro level deals in the name of nation’s interests through influential civil society measures. To maintain equilibrium equity and equality in accessing and enjoying the fruits of democracy through vibrant public engagement PROGRESPECT will facilitate such processes. It prevents so called crony capitalism, sponsored parliamentary democratic systems in a country like India. PROGRESPECT always defends and protection of sustainable human rights initiatives through balancing powers of state, business and civil society. It eliminates corrupt practices in all economic interventions, convergence creation of environment to avoid nature destruction, climate aspects for better living standards of communities in addition to human rights. It establishes a robust process in public and private fund flowing according to priorities and needs of communities. PROGRESPECT targets fictitious transactions in economic, non-economic, business, non-business domains through multi stakeholder engagement with organizations of government, civil society, academia, media, consulting, business and research.


PROGRESPET committed to build synergy among government, civil society and business to promote better transparency and governance. The main objective is to develop a culture of transparency in all aspects governance and business cycle right from taxation to accessing public service delivery systems. It concentrates some of tertiary issues in arena of governance like laws, regulations of trade and business potential issues of development and empowerment of communities. It believes linking globalization priorities and aligning them with community needs and desires through open framework and policies will balance the eco system of government, business, trade and development.

“Creating a fully transparent processes and practices in governance eco system to enable free and fair interventions in the state”

PROGRESPECT’s mission is to make and support an open and free society space.

To build a democratic based socio-legal mechanism to protect people’ interests in the context of the state business and business in the state.

PROGRESPECT worked on governance and transparency issues with various governments. Public money spending of governments through budgetary systems and rational approach in funds allocation by the state was analysed made into a huge debate.


Our interlinked programming with various targeted interventions with multi stakeholders will lead to positive impact to achieve our objectives.

  • Partnering with liked minded non-state networks
  • Creating influential civil society eco system
  • Policy and practice scrutiny and working with governance machinery
  • Engaging with mainstream media and utilizing social media platforms
  • Research and analysis

Sriram Kannekanti

Founder & Executive Director, PROGRESPECT (A Public Policy and Sustainable Business Consulting Group)

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