Plastic Bank Foundation (Germany) is a non-profit organization supporting the growing social plastic recycling system worldwide. We work with communities of informal waste pickers in the Global South who are affiliated with the Plastic Bank reward and profit platform. This helps to improve income and prevent ocean plastic. We also work to increase the use of recycled materials and create a framework that provides alternatives to using virgin plastics made from petroleum.  


The Plastic Bank Foundation (Germany) is committed to creating a greener world. We lobby for the increased use of recycled materials. We firmly believe that plastic has a hidden value – much more than what you see at first glance. That’s why we fight to harness that hidden value and turn it into something meaningful and useful for the world. A donation to us will help fund our efforts to bring this hidden value into the supply chain and reinvent how we interact with plastic.

Marie-Eve Schroeder

Chair of the Board, Plastic Bank Foundation Germany

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