ONEiHEALTH Company Limited
ONEiHEALTH is the company behind a  digital platform to help cancer patients and their caretakers to better self-navigate the treatment journeys by integrating technologies in clinical decision support, knowledge management and computer-interpretable guidelines to increase efficiency, lower training barrier and ensure service quality for virtual care delivery in resource constrained healthcare environments. The feasibility study for proof of concept was deployed in collaboration with Beijing Cancer Hospital in 2016, and was selected for presentation at the "AI to Improved Patient Outcomes" session at the Inaugural ASCO Breakthrough Summit, October 2019.  The founding team launched the global effort in Hong Kong to apply these learnings in countries and regions in East and Southeast Asia to create sustainable and inclusive ecosystems for better clinical outcomes.


Deploy AI-enabled digital technology to support efficient patient-centered healthcare delivery and to empower clinical research ecosystem in resource constrained countries or regions in Asia.

Enable culture-adaptive digital therapies with turn-key technical solutions that works like syringes for drug injections.

Ensure quality and process of services provided by trained supportive staff for patients and their care-takers.

Empower knowledge exchange across geographical boundries by sharing adaptable solutions.

Tingting Zhang

CEO, ONEiHEALTH Company Limited

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ONEiHEALTH Company Limited will promote better health of cancer patients in resource constrained countries or regions in Asia by training and employing the new gender-equal role of digitally empowered supportive healthcare workers in the workforce.

Activities & Initiatives

ONEiHEALTH Company Limited will measure progress by tracking the percent of women in its workforce with a goal of reaching 50%.

Measures & Targets

ONEiHEALTH Company Limited will measure progress by tracking the percent of women in its workforce with a goal of reaching 50%.


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