Montrose is a private consulting company whose Founder has over forty years of experience in the corporate and investment banking industry.   It assists clients navigating the complexities of the energy transition and adapting to the necessity of a net zero objective.   It works in conjunction with other advisory firms with a similar agenda to provide a full suite of products to its clients.


Our business model is to target SME’s that lack the resources internally to meet net-zero targets and provide the advisory services to enable them to develop the infrastructure, governance system and KPI’s to meet the net-zero goal in a reasonable time frame-preferably before 2035.  Montrose leverages its own resources by aligning with other companies to provide the full suite of services which culminates in assisting the client in arranging financing to accomplish its capital requirements.

Its primary clients are involved in various segments of the energy industry.

Dennis E. Petito

CEO and Founder , Montrose Capital Advisors, LLC

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Montrose Capital Advisors will advise approximately 10 small to mid-cap companies (SME's) lacking internal resources to navigate the requirements to set up an ESG/Sustainability governance infrastructure and develop net zero targets for 2050.

Activities & Initiatives

Montrose Capital Advisors helps SME's meet challenges of the energy transition by reducing GHG emissions over a five year period to acceptable levels.  We will perform this function through collaboration with companies that will provide a suite of products to help companies achieve these OBJECTIVES.

Measures & Targets

Montrose will assist its clients in establishing KPI’s to reduce GHG emissions to a net zero level and obtain appropriate certification of hydrocarbon production, thereby stimulating access to markets at higher net realizations.  Clients will work toward a net zero goal by 2035, with annual improvements each year.  Clients will be in compliance with the TCFD, and will be in a position top demonstrate a resilient business model utilizing three sensitivity scenarios.  The time frame and number of clients will be a function of the speed with which Montrose is able to ramp up this advisory capacity.


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