Model World Trade Organisation Edinburgh is an organisation enabling people from all countries to participate in debates and talks centred around international trade, economics, and WTO negotiations. Engaging participants in professionally moderated debates and negotiations allows them to get insights into work of the biggest multinational trading organisation in the world. Delegates, working under the supervision of experts and academics who guarantee that the information generated is of high quality and professional level, actively engage in reaching the consensus and presenting answers to current international trade challenges. 


Mission of the organisation is to:

  • empower potential future decision makers in multilateral negotiations skills by organising a simulation of WTO ongoing talks;
  • provide our members the chance to get acquainted with the international trade negotiation environment, and hopefully meet future leaders who will be the agent of positive systemic change of the international conventions and agreements. 

We aim to:

  • become a leading hub for international trade negotiations simulations;
  • bring the workings of international organisations closer to the public through our debates and dynamic social media pages.

Rafał Modrzewski

Co-Founder, Chairman , Model World Trade Organisation Edinburgh

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