MAL Research and Development Ltd.
MAL Research & Development Ltd. is a private UK company commercializing a new power system known as MAAPS (Metalectrique Advanced Aluminum Power System - Metalectrique Mission). MAAPS is a rotary semi-fuel cell which uses ordinary aluminum as a "fuel" in a safe, chemical reaction to produce power. The Al-Air fuel cell has been around since the mid 1960s, but our CEO Trevor Jackson modified the electrolyte chemistry to remove both the technical and cost barriers to its commercialization. This is the key IP. MAL is also developing a 300 mile range extender for existing electric vehicles (EVs) in conjunction with a European vehicle service partner company. This range extender (we call it "t-REX") will enable a typical EV to drive for about 450 miles, and is likely to accelerate sales of these vehicles, plus decrease the number of charging points. MAL is in revenue with multiple license negotiations in multiple territories. We anticipate an initial system roll out in Q4/2021. Key technology features include:
  • Very high energy content. Lithium-ion (LiON) batteries have about one ninth the energy for the same weight as MAAPS. MAL has repeat-tested full-scale prototype cells to 1500 miles range
  • Very low original equipment manufacture costs. LiON batteries cost around $180/kWh, MAAPS costs around $36/kWh
  • Very low driver cost. LiON batteries cost around £0.50/mile (inc. battery amortization), MAAPS costs £0.08/mile (full cycle)
  • Our key IP solves the historic commercial and technical problems with Al-Air batteries, namely: high hydrogen production, gel formation, high heat production and high cost per mile
  • Zero CO2 operation
  • Fully recyclable
Our third party validation includes: Warwick University/PERA, UK Government (UKTI/DIT), Nantes University, France Other applications include: Marine, off-grid portable power, defense, and electric aviation


MAL Research & Development Ltd. offers feasibility studies, prototyping contracts and licensing deals to partner companies who wish to switch from existing petrol/diesel power systems plus those using rechargeable battery power systems who need more endurance.

We use core Metalectrique Power Technology and tailor it to suit applications in land, air, sea and off-grid power systems. The technology has multiple advantages over existing systems but is designed to offer a smooth transition via an initial hybrid stage rather than disrupt these systems.

The main advantages are:

  1. zero emissions
  2. recyclable & sustainable
  3. increased mobility (90 second power pack swap, 9 times the range of an equivalent lithium-ion battery pack)
  4. safety (no risk of fire, explosion. Non-toxic & environmentally compatible, no high pressures or temperatures)
  5. low cost ($36/kWh for the power pack and £0.08/mile (full cycle cost))
  6. low complexity, long life and robust
  7. low impact infrastructure
  8. very fast deployment of the system through partnerships

Trevor Jackson

Chairman, MAL Research and Development Ltd.

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MAL Research & Development Ltd. will promote clean energy by deploying its 300-mile range extender for electric vehicles, starting its customer network roll out in the European Union in 2021, and accelerating implementation in 2022.

Activities & Initiatives

We will demonstrate our 300 mile, low cost, recyclable range extender system in one of the most popular existing lithium-ion powered electric cars. We will invite electric vehicle drivers to a public demonstration to witness the swap of all eight lightweight (<4kg) range extender modules from the compartment underneath the trunk floor within 90 seconds, after which time the vehicle will be fully ready to drive another 300 miles (plus the 150 miles provided by the main car battery). We will demonstrate the ease of establishing a network of swap points (local garages, supermarkets, mobile providers etc.) that will reduce the need for charging points. We will also demonstrate the range extender topping up the main battery. We will work with our European service network partners to establish a module swap network in a European city and we will expand the network from the start of 2022.

Measures & Targets

We will establish a range extender 90 second swap network in a European city, starting with 1000 existing electric cars in Q4 of 2021. We will then expand that network at a rate of 1000 cars per months for 4 months, increasing to 10,000 cars per month by the end of  2022. Ideally we will accelerate further via partnerships with major Electric vehicle brands.

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