Istituto Diplomatico Internazionale
The International Diplomatic Institute, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) born in 1994, is a moral, private, independent, non-denominational, non-partisan entity, which pursues only socially useful purposes.


The International Diplomatic Institute intends to develop collaboration with the various governments and their diplomatic representations, with the institutions, bodies and bodies of the European Union, with the cultural institutes, research institutions, universities, academies and foundations all over the world, with the media that have purposes similar to those of the Institute, essentially for the following purposes:

  • foster diplomatic, cultural and economic exchanges between the various countries, to promote the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, in compliance with the purposes which inspired the Charter of the United Nations Organization;
  • carry out information and education activities for world citizenship, to increase public understanding of the problems of the most disadvantaged communities and the global development; intercultural education initiatives to positively guide changes brought about by migratory phenomena in civil society; initiatives to promote solidarity and volunteering; education initiatives for sustainable development to encourage the spread of behaviors that do not affect the balance of the planet and the adoption of lifestyles with less environmental impact;
  • initiatives for the training and professional updating of those who, in particular young people, Italian or foreign, operate or aspire to operate in the various fields of international activity;
  • prepare and implement study and research programs and take care, also through the awarding of prizes, scholarships and grants, scientific research and the deepening of knowledge in the field of international relations by young Italian and foreign scholars. The International Diplomatic Institute supports the formation of a new ruling class inspired by the values of respect, mutual tolerance and social commitment.

Paolo Giordani

President , Istituto Diplomatico Internazionale

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