Human Technology Foundation

Technology is now a core component in our lives and has massive impacts, be them positive of negative. Created in 2012, the Human Technology Foundation aims at putting back the human being at the center of technology development to support innovation empowering everyone. The Human Technology Foundation's main missions are, first and foremost, to be a coordinator of international multidisciplinary research projects. The Human Technology Foundation is also an interface between academia, society and the economy. Finally, it is also a provider of expertise for decision-makers. Indeed, the Human Technology Foundation favours a transversal approach with three areas of expertise: - Research in practical ethics - Support for politicians and decision-makers - Support for large companies and entrepreneurs. The Human Technology Foundation network has several thousand members and operates in Paris, Montreal, San Francisco, Rome, Brussels and Geneva.


The Human Technology Foundation is a foundation but also a research and action network placing the human being at the heart of technology development. For us, technologies are also part of the solutions for building a society that is more respectful of everyone.

Father Eric Salobir

President, Human Technology Foundation

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