GENESIS NGO is a recognized public utility Organisation governed by the law of the Central African Republic. Founded in 2019, by Marco Abittan,   GENESIS is a non-profit Organization of voluntary, autonomous, auxiliary to the public authorities in the field of vocational training and in particular of building, urban renovation , rehousing of displaced populations, hygiene and ecology, health services. It retains an autonomy with regard to the public authorities which allows it to act independently The headquarters of the GENESIS NGO is located in Bangui.  


GENESIS’s slogan is “Together for a better world“; In this way, technicians from all sectors concretely intervene alongside GENESIS to help developing countries wishing to modernize their country.

Professional training, industrialization, increase in exports are just some of the aspects dealt with by GENESIS NGO. We are currently based in Bangui in the Central African Republic; This difficult country is also one of the most fascinating; Its natural beauty and location in the center of numerous African countries gives it a unique potential that we help enhance.

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