Gemini Corporation NV
Gemini Corporation NV was founded in Belgium in 1989 by Mr. Surendra Patawari. Gemini is one of the world’s leading circular economy market makers, engaged in the collection, recycling, segregation, sourcing, & distribution of recyclable plastics, paper, metal, and rubber. The group collects over 400,000 tonnes of recyclable plastics. With a team of 300 people, it manages annually over 2.0 million tonnes of materials from 33 offices in 27 countries. Apart from plastics, Gemini gives second life to over 4 billion pounds of rubber, metal, and paper including 50 million tyres and 1 billion PET Bottles. Gemini is on the Board of Directors of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) together with the Global CEOs of Procter & Gamble, Dow, BASF, Lyondell Basel, and ExxonMobil Chemical. The company is also a part of the New Plastics Economy at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and has given Global commitments for plastic recycling and PCR supply. Furthermore, it is a member of the World Economic Forum’s - Global Plastic Action Partnership (GPAP). Furthermore, Mr. Surendra Patawari is in the Top 4 amongst 100 ranking star recyclers as per the July edition of the Recycling International magazine global ranking for celebrating determined and inspiring entrepreneurs. Gemini has contributed to the European Commission on policymaking related to the European & Indian recycling industry. As a recent achievement, Gemini won the “Excellence in Sustainability 2020” award by the World Economic Forum. Its USA affiliate company was awarded President’s “E” award for exporting recycled material in 2019. Gemini is now focusing on making the lives of waste-pickers better through its Indian subsidiary, Gemcorp Recycling. It is a scalable and self-sustainable model that is a perfect partnership between People, Plastic, Planet, and ultimately Profits.

Surendra Patawari

Chairman, Gemini Corporation NV

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Double our plastics recycling target to 400,000 tonnes by 2025. Also, create infrastructure for circular economy and enable recycling of more than 50,000 tonnes of plastics by 2025, through our subsidiary Gemcorp Recycling and Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Activities & Initiatives

Gemini Corporation will work towards improving and expanding its infrastructure to bring more people from the unorganized sector into the mainstream.

Gemini Corporation will actively work towards replicating the collection model in multiple locations across the globe for the creation of a circular economy.

Gemini Corporation will sensitize about circular economy and increasing adaptation of the circular paradigm.

Measures & Targets

Double our plastics recycling target to 400,000 tonnes by 2025 of which we commit to supply 100,000 tonnes of recycled plastics for packaging application by 2025.

Creating Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and traceability infrastructure and facilitate the establishment of a circular economy by creating a digital marketpalce by developing a mobile-based and web-based application(s) to connect everyone through a single platform and provide end-to-end traceability of waste.

Creating infrastructure for circular economy – collection, sorting, baling, grinding, processing, and recycling of more than 50,000 tonnes of plastics by 2025 and converting machinery through our subsidiary Gemcorp Recycling and Technologies Private Limited.


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