-FUDESOL- is a private non-profit organization established to promote the 17 United Nations development goals that focus on eradicating poverty, combating inequality and injustice, and addressing the problems of climate change. Our objectives are: Support governmental and non-governmental institutions in the promotion of appropriate socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental conditions that promote the social development of Guatemala. Manage and implement national and international technical and financial cooperation, public and private, to promote the social development of Guatemala. -FUDESOL- began operations in the eastern region of Guatemala, a geographical area with many needs, high rates of poverty, malnutrition and migration. Faced with this problem, it was proposed to establish a methodology to design, promote and implement completely sustainable projects. This is how the FUDS Organic project was born. The first sustainable rural incubator, dedicated to the production of certified organic food, training small and medium-sized producers. They also have access to the market and the value chain.


Our vision is to become the main non-profit organization in Guatemala that manages and
promotes the social development of its population. While our vision is to promote the
development of human and social capital throughout the country.

Luis Torres

President, Fudesol

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