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With over 50 years of construction experience, First Balfour continues to take part in nation-building by delivering world-class engineering and construction services for a wide range of projects in renewable power and energy, transport infrastructure, water infrastructure, and specialized buildings. The company is accredited as a Quadruple A contractor, currently the highest license given to construction firms by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board, and is one of the few companies that consistently maintain a triple ISO certification under the standard ISO 9001:2015 for quality, 14001:2015 for the environment, and 45001:2018 for safety and occupational health. It is also the first Filipino construction company to be accredited with an Investors in People Gold, an international benchmark for businesses with strong management skills and empowered human resources. First Balfour takes pride in taking the lead in sustainability among the engineering and construction companies in the Philippines today. Aligning with the mission of our parent company First Philippine Holdings to forge collaborative pathways for a decarbonized and regenerative future, we aim to deliver infrastructure that creates resilience and elevates the quality of life of the Filipino people in this complex, climate-changing world.


We forge collaborative pathways towards a decarbonized and regenerative future.

We support nation-building by delivering more complex infrastructures that create resilience and elevate the quality of life of the Filipino people in this complex, climate-changed world.

We will also grow by developing businesses that complement our engineering and construction competencies. This will allow us to influence and lead the transition towards decarbonization and regeneration in the industries we choose to invest in.

Anthony Fernandez

President and Chief Operating Officer, First Balfour

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First Balfour is committed to addressing climate change by establishing an emissions baseline in 2022 and crafting strategies for reducing its carbon footprint starting in 2023.

Activities & Initiatives

Commit. Measure. Plan. Act. Track. To establish an emissions baseline, First Balfour will begin gathering monthly emissions data including fuel, electricity, and water consumption as well as wastes generation from across all its engineering and construction operations in the Philippines.

Measures & Targets

First Balfour will measure success by arriving at a consolidated emissions baseline data by end-2022. Afterwhich, the company will begin crafting strategies to lower these emissions starting 2023.


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