European Women on Boards (EWOB)

European Women on Boards is a pan-European, Brussels-based, not-for-profit organisation, which promotes gender equality at decision-making level (C-Suite and Board) at European level. Founded in 2013 on the premise that greater gender equality presents a true business opportunity, EWOB supports the European Commission’s target of 40% women at Board level, as it has been proven that diverse teams perform better and make better business decisions. In order to reach the EWOB mission, we build PARTNERSHIPS with national associations, corporations and EU institutions offer DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS (membership, C-Level, Board Readiness, Mentoring), building a talent pool of senior executive women carry out RESEARCH to measure gender diversity at decision-making level in European companies.

The four objectives for EWOB in 2022-2023 are:

  1. Build a talent pool of 1000 women ready and eager to move to the C-Suite and the Board,
  2. Be present in 20 European countries,
  3. Engage and Partner with Companies and Executive Search Firms, and
  4. Get the EU Board Directive on Gender Balance approved.

EWOB is an organisation which prides itself on being inclusive of all diversities, affordable & accessible, yet stretching our women to their maximum potential to achieve C-suite and Board positions at European level We are a cross-European, not-for-profit organisation, with over 100 highly motivated and passionate volunteers who are working to build a professional community of senior female leaders We connect our members digitally, at the same time valuing and encouraging personal contacts. We are creating networking opportunities for women across Europe both digitally and in-person through our various events For corporations, EWOB’s strength lies in its diverse and inclusive community of top-level professionals, who can advise on the ‘steps for success’ to move forward in the D&I journey.


EWOB is the European umbrella association for gender equality at decision-making level. We are a non-profit Brussels-based organisation whose aim is to increase gender diversity in C-Suite and Board roles throughout Europe. Together we support the EU commission’s directive that introduces a binding objective of at least 40% of board members of each gender by 2026.

Hedwige Nuyens

Chair, European Women on Boards (EWOB)

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