Equitable Cities Consulting is a consulting practice centered around inclusive economic growth.

Sylvie Gallier Howard, Founder & CEO, has extensive experience leading economic development work, focused on small businesses, entrepreneurship, neighborhood revitalization, and workforce development; as well as business attraction and retention on an international scale. She has led the development of inclusive growth strategy, developed programs to support small and minority-owned businesses, and shaped economic recovery frameworks in response to COVID-19.

Whether you are a government agency, non-profit or corporation seeking to foster more inclusive, equitable economic growth in businesses, neighborhoods or cities, Equitable Cities Consulting will serve as your trusted partner to meet your goals. Sylvie and her partners bring experience, professionalism and passion to every engagement customized to meet your unique needs.


If we want to build equitable, inclusive cities, we need to reimagine our approach.

“Old” Economic Development Thinking

Traditional thinking around urban economic development has focused on aggregated growth, prioritizing metrics such as population increase, industry proliferation and job creation. While these are important metrics, those involved in economic development efforts throughout the globe are reckoning with the fact that past efforts have rarely led to inclusive prosperity. With the pandemic exacerbating an already growing wealth chasm, cities, non-profits and companies are seeking new approaches and answers to shaping a more equitable, just and inclusive society.

Reimagining a Structural Approach

Existing structural inequalities, if not addressed, will continue to negate the gains made by cities for most of their residents. If we do not address existing racial and wealth inequalities, we will never achieve shared prosperity in cities. And it is an economic problem when large parts of a city ecosystem struggle. Inclusive economic growth requires intentional, community-informed and equity-focused methodologies. The benefits of traditional economic development outcomes, such as job creation and reduced unemployment, can’t be expected to “trickle down” to all; instead programs and policies must center the focus on reducing racial wealth disparities as new jobs are created.

Equitable Cities Consulting will be your partner in engaging local stakeholders, shaping programs and developing new frameworks and long-term strategies to tackle inequalities and foster inclusive economic growth. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for any organization or city. Equitable Cities Consulting will work with you to develop an inclusive process, identify unique assets and opportunities, and assist you in shaping the best approach and path forward to making substantive contributions towards shared economic justice.

Equitable Cities Consultant’s Founder and CEO led the Commerce Department in the 6th most populous American city – Philadelphia – facing every form of challenge at significant scale, including those brought on by the recent pandemic. Bringing nearly a decade of experience in senior city government roles, combined with years of nonprofit executive leadership and consulting experience, Sylvie, offers a wealth of knowledge and the can-do spirit required for the bold, demanding undertaking of building cities that will work for all of their residents.

Sylvie Gallier Howard

CEO, Equitable Cities Consulting

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