ELZIAN AGRO is a Private Limited Company that incorporated under the Companies Act in Sri Lanka that provides Soil and Weather monitoring systems for indoor and Mass cultivation farmers who face problems with extreme weather changes and limited resources. ELZIAN AGRO offers customized monitoring information gathered from IoT sensors to increase the crop yield and help to productively utilize our customers’ limited resources such as water, fertilizer, pesticides, and labour by automation systems. Moreover, ELZIAN AGRO offers a pest prediction service through an advanced Machine Learning Model. Through real-time monitoring and prediction systems, farmers can quickly respond to any significant change in soil and weather. Our Customers can access our services through Mobile and Web applications anywhere - anytime, and make efficient decisions to maximize their crop yield organically and help farmers to respond to significant changes in soil and weather and potential pest threats through data-based prediction reports. ELZIAN AGRO managed to mark their reputation in several global innovations and entrepreneurial competitions such as Digital Inclusion Global Challenge 2020, Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 2020, Ericsson Innovation Global Awards 2020, Biz Minds 2021, SLASSCOM National Ingenuity Awards 2022, and Commonwealth Youth Award for Excellence in Development Work 2022. ELZIAN AGRO is the official leading technology partner of the world’s first analog forest and of International Analog Forestry Network for the projects related to bio-socio-economic experiment that can quantify human contributions of Oxygen and Clean Water Cycling to the atmosphere. ELZIAN AGRO’s business model, value proposition and technologies got verified from Silicon Valley Based Founder Institute (world’s largest startup accelerator program) in 2021.


Improving lives of communities through a data-driven digitalized agricultural system and empower practices to provide effective sustainable solutions to end hunger in all its forms.

Lilan Dayananda


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ELZIAN AGRO’s commitment is to disrupt agriculture practices by supporting local farmers to increase crop yield organically by utilizing limited resources at optimal levels through data-driven precision agriculture practices by 2027.

Activities & Initiatives

1.    Build up affiliations with relevant authorities to make awareness among the target groups. 2.    Build partnerships with industry experts to maximize the positive externalities.  

Measures & Targets

ELZIAN AGRO will measure its success by;
1.    Working with regulating bodies and industry to measure the impact of precision agriculture with the increase of local production (crop yield) through; quantity and quality of the harvest.
2.    Quantity of local farmers who adapted to precision agriculture practices during the target period.
3.    Organic fertilizer to crop yield ratio.
4.    Measure the % increase in food security and resilience
5.    Track the increase in users of ELZIAN AGRO mobile and web applications during the target period.

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