Ehd-e-Aman is a peace project of Thar Leadership alliance and a non-profit organization that promotes research, examines policy, educates, and prepares on harmony and compromise with an end goal to forestall violent conflicts among different cultures and religions across Pakistan and to promote post-conflict stability.

Our goals:

  • Avoid Inter-Religion and Inter-Culture extremism.
  • Building a Peace Narrative in the Society.
  • Peace Education based on Compassion, All Inclusiveness and Nonviolence.
  • Conveying messages can’t be delivered through craftsmanship.
  • Human resource development.
  • Women's empowerment.


Our purpose at Ehd-e-Aman is to promote peace and harmony among different cultures and religions across Pakistan. We strive to achieve this through research, policy examination, education, and preparation to prevent violent conflicts and promote post-conflict stability. Our mission is to avoid inter-religious and inter-cultural extremism, build a peaceful narrative in society, provide peace education based on compassion, inclusiveness, and nonviolence, convey messages that cannot be delivered through art, and develop human resources and empower women. Our vision is to create a peaceful and harmonious society where all individuals have equal opportunities and live without fear of discrimination or violence.

Shan Ul Haq

Director, Ehd-e-Aman

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