DeHealth is a brand and international association of companies with HQ in the UK and research centers in Israel, the US and New Zealand. DeHealth was established by Ukrainian and Israeli founders. Ukraine currently hosts one of DeHealth's R&D centers with a strong development team. The local sub-brand of DeHealth in Ukraine is the SaaS platform ASKEP used by over 35,000 doctors and 3,200,000 patients from all over the world who trust DeHealth in healthcare matters.


Creation of DeHealth App, which will be used by 3 billion people by 2025.

The goal in 2022 is to list the DHLT token on the TOP-10 crypto exchanges and achieve a capitalization of $1 billion.

Denys Tsvaig

Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, DeHealth

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DeHealth commits to promote the healthcare as a brand new qualitively and financially attractive lifestyle and provide the whole healthcare industry with a trustworthy medical data for 3 billion people by 2025.

Activities & Initiatives

The main activities are directed to the DeHealth App (decentralized application/dApp) development to provide more patients from the whole world with the secure storage for the operations with their medical data.

The component “architecture” of DeHealth consists of:

DHLT Network, a decentralized storage for health data and digital assets, data oracles protocol and incentive layer. The DHLT protocol is digitalizing and securing the global health data for everyone. The storage receives daily clinical, medical and personal data on the health status of people (users), de-identifies, structures and integrates in one network.

DHLT is the native token that supports the DHLT Network, a decentralized storage for medical data and digital assets. With DHLT, anyone can upload and store their medical data, receive and host digital information, and sell their anonymized data. DHLT tokens are used to pay for services inside the DeHealth App and as an economic incentive to secure long-term storage of health data and its constant supply.

DeHealth AI learns from all data from the DHLT Network, helps develop predictive systems based on big data analysis, and provides users with an effective technological tool for affordable and preventive medicine. It collects all of the patient's medical tests, displays data from medical gadgets in real time, and reports the slightest abnormalities in order to prevent diseases and illnesses. With DeHealth AI, user won’t have to seek treatment for diseases and their consequences if they are prevented in time and any deviations are corrected in advance, instead of waiting for the development of the disease. DeHealth AI improves the global healthcare industry.

DeHealth Wallet, a universal payment card for healthcare issues.

The DeHealth initiative is to make medical data operations fully controlled by patient/user (medical data holder). Thus user controls:

  • all data that is provided and stored by medical centers, laboratories, and securely recorded in the user's DeHealth app with the help of patient's ID and access to the API.
  • the access to the structured and depersonalized data by all interested parties with the help of DHLT token.
  • the access to the data by family members, attending doctors, or any other authorized official body.
  • scientists and dApps developers who can securely read and access anonymized health data using a single set of APIs.

Users have full control over their data and its privacy, which allows them to see which applications record their data to DeHealth ID and which applications request access to their data. The more applications request access to users' data, the more DHLT tokens data holders receive.

All data in the DeHealth App is encrypted and stored in a decentralized way which opens up the possibility for data holders to be independent and autonomous. Users will have the option to turn off access or delete data that is no longer relevant to them, as well as prioritize one data source over another. Also, users will be able to participate in the referral and affiliate programs, receiving DHLT tokens and special “crystals”.

Dealing with medical data, the most sensitive and valuable asset in the healthcare industry, DeHealth prioritizes the security of data storage by complying with data protection and security standards including Data Protection Law, GDPR, HIPAA, Data Protection Act. High-grade cybersecurity of the application and the data inside of it is guaranteed by the internal development team as well as independent experts such as Hacken and ethical hacking communities.

Measures & Targets

DeHealth will measure success by issuing a strategy with specific tergets for providing the whole healthcare industry with a trustworthy medical data.


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