Chukudi is a non-profit organization devoted to alleviating  poverty in Africa. Chukudi's mission  is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and provide shelter for the homeless. We aim to provide a social security  network until people can get back on their feet and become self sufficient, so we are planning an integrated approach in our program of action. With help from our compassionate friends, we shall provide soup kitchens, pantries, and adequate shelters for the desperately poor, who have given up hope for survival. These are just the basics. The shelters or centers will have skills development programs designed to educate and identify individual talents for every human person. Furthermore, we are planning to introduce medically tailored meals for people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves. We launched Chukudi in Kelisha township Cape Town South Africa in January 2012. Since then, we have been active in Lagos, Nigeria, working during the covid pandemic, providing soup kitchens, and pantries for the  poorest of the poor. At times distribution of drinking water makes a difference between life and death, for so many are so dehydrated that they cant breath. We work where there is the most need to look out for the really forgotten and neglected. Chukudi cant solve all the world's problems immediately, but we can share Gods gifts physically, prayerfully, and financially. Chukudi was registered as a non for profit organization in Abuja, Nigeria on 20 August 2020. Our  address is 2310 1 ave  apt 2s Nyc NY 10035 +646258 0249 email [email protected]            


Our purpose is to alleviate poverty in Africa.

The long term goal is to help people become self sufficient by harnessing their skills and talents to earn a living instead of receiving handouts.

In that regard, we shall empower them through education and the organizing of workshops and seminars.

This will be transformational, for education has an uplifting effect on people, especially on women, and will have a multiplier effect on the economy.

Additionally, we believe that food is medicine, and will introduce medically tailored meals, using local produce fruits and vegetables, that serve as cures for diseases.

It  will be a model for others to emulate, for Africa is richly endowed with plants and vegetables suitable for pharmaceuticals and the bio- tech industry.

Benny Igwebe

Founder, Chukudi

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