Centre for Development Finance Studies
The Centre for Development Finance Studies (CDFS) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to applied research, field work and advocacy in the field of development finance. It identifies and disseminates practical solutions for integrating development finance institutions into global capital markets. It works to shape a future where the development finance system harnesses the reach and scale of the global capital markets to dramatically increase the participation of private capital for the 2030 Agenda. CDFS team members have built a track record in initiating and managing multi-stakeholder projects which have received the support of governments and foundations.


The Centre for Development Finance Studies was created to help ensure that the development finance system of institutions is positioned to harness the potential of capital markets. To this end, it is necessary to identify and develop the solutions needed to bridge the gap between a sector that developed in relative isolation and functions according to models often not readily compatible with modern financial markets practices. It is in addition necessary to dedicate resources to advocacy, equipping government officials, politicians and their representatives with the understanding of the stakes and the concepts they require to make informed decisions.

Thomas Venon

Executive Director, Centre for Development Finance Studies

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