BHN- Basic Human Needs Inc. is a 4th industrial design platform committed to building a sustainable system for humanity. A new breed of social impact corporations designed for the people by the people. BHN’s core business model is the design, manufacturing and distribution of brand basic human need products. BHN products are under its 5 categories(5C) heads: Building materials, non perishable food, paper/products, clothing, hygiene & medical supplies. BHN’s 5C supply chain is supported by its hybrid retail fulfillment system, global green manufacturing partners, essential warehouses and BHN blockchain technology. BHN combines creativity and human solutions throughout its platform to efficiently support communities with basic human need services. BHN is forming global partnerships to collectively integrate sustainable development goals(SDG) solutions into global communities. Development and distribution of green basic human need products to contribute to building circular communities. BHN and SDG partners have join forces to invest in: zero hungry, ending poverty, equal skills education, equal employment, green innovation, new agriculture and humanity. The future of global communities are regenerative,  green, circular, sustainable and connected. BHN and partners will support communities with their unique platforms to achieve these essential goals. Demand for basic human needs products and services continues to grow day by day globally. Without a BHN system in place soon, the negative gap of humanity will grow disproportionately wider. Together we can prepare our world for future humanitarian events to come. Help build a strong basic human needs foundation for mankind. BHN- investing in humanity.


To build a global basic human needs system for humanity. To strategically integrate technology with a basic human needs solutions to efficiently service mankind. Offering BHN economic tools to help develop sustainable BHN communities now and into the future. Build a BHN platform that is designed to connect mankind with essential human solutions. Investing in new resources and production to prepare our world to have essential consistent basic human needs services. Creating global basic human needs eco systems for generations to build upon. Having a global BHN system in place to support our fellow man in time of humanitarian crisis. To build a basic human needs platform that is owned and managed by the people for the people. To offer a platform in which corporate capital investments sustains community needs and generational financial equality. To integrate creativity with human solutions to disrupt the negative direction society is headed. Overall to give the people a BHN foundation for societal sustainability.

Christopher Freeman

CEO/Founder, BHN-Basic Human Needs Inc.

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