Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD) has been striving for bringing Peace, Unity, Justice and Harmony uplift poor rural communities towards sustainable development. AHD looking to help poor rural people with skills of safe drinking Nadi filters and help them to get safe and clean drinking water via their door steps. AHD has strong skills to help poor rural families with access to safe and clean drinking water with very low cost and local based technology, please go through the attached PPT presentation and share your views ...we at AHD looking to replicate this technology in to help poor people and make SDG # 6 happen to access safe and clean drinking water for all AHD started searching sustainable solutions in 2005-2006 and comes up with number of solutions to uplift rural poor communities and introduced Nadir filter in just ONE village and then 10 Nadi filters, in 2007 AHD started work in 100 families with ADP USA and during 2008 AHD won APFED showcase award for 1,000 families in Jati area and then 2008-2021 AHD supported by Oxfam Pakistan, Help Alliance Germany, Lufthansa Airline, WHO Pakistan, GSK UK, Misereor Germany, Care International, SDPI Islamabad, UNEP-APFED and ADP & Oxfam GB. AHD successfully reached 85,500 families and with other NGOs the total Nadi filters reached in Pakistan figures goes 300,000 in Pakistan rural people, NGOs, INGOs and private organizations doing this and helping poor rural people with access to safe and clean drinking water in 3 million people.  


AHD Nadi Filter water technology adaptation of the centuries old slow sand filtration. The Nadi filter innovation made up during 2005-2006 when some 500 children death due to waterborne diseases by Taluka Hospital Hyderabad Govt of Sindh Pakistan and then AHD humanitarian team & research fellows started working on Nadi Pots to solve drinking water issue in Hyderabad Sind. Nadi filter is made from mud, mud available at local level affordable, sustainable household technology, proven to be very effective in improving the quality of water to make it safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning.
The average cost of a Nadi filter in Pakistan, which normally serves a household of 12-20 people is only Rs 3,500-4,500/=. That includes the cost of material, installation, transportation, the cost of training on the filter operation/maintenance and important health and hygiene education. AHD Nadi Filter remove 95.0 to 99.0% of organic contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, protozoa, worms, and particles. Safe water produced by the filters is free of discoloration, odor, and unpleasant taste. The most common home-based models can produce between 20 to 30 liters of water per hour & 50 to 60 liters enough for 8 to 12 households for one day.

Abdul Khurshid

President/CEO, Association for Humanitarian Development

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