Arizmendiarrieta Kristau Fundazioa
Our goal is to update and implement the thought of the venerable José María Arizmendiarrieta, founding priest of the Mondragón Cooperative Experience And, in that sense, guide society on its path of channeling sustainable development, basing it on the person, their dignity, freedom and responsibility. A fairer distribution of wealth and people's dignity are two of the pillars on which we base our work. For this purpose, we have developed an Inclusive Participatory Company Model that we are promoting nationally and internationally, through cooperation with prestigious Spanish and other universities. It is a proposal to reform the performance in the current economic system. It is anchored in references to the dignity of the person and the service to the Common Good and tries to correct economic inequalities, on the one hand, and a certain alienation of people in their work and social life, making them protagonists to a greater extent of their life and his future, within the framework of his Community. Our company model is based on four main axes:
  1. A culture of cooperation, co-responsibility and concern for people (compared to the paradigm of confrontation as a basic attitude.
  2. The participation of workers in management and / or results and / or ownership (as opposed to the radical separation of capital and labor.
  3. The priority of the sustainability of the collective project over the interests of any of the interest groups (as opposed to the priority of the legitimate interests of both).
  4. Take into account the needs of the community in which it resides (as opposed to the radical separation of business activity and social responsibility).
It is, in short: A model of co-responsibility and participation of professionals / workers that seeks to improve the competitiveness of companies and the satisfaction of the people who work in them. Viable, as has been proven in the Mondragon Cooperative Group, among other companies with a similar approach. Toward a more ethical inclusive-participatorycompany model documentary about Arizmendiarrieta and the Mondragon experience


The Arizmendiarrieta Foundation aims to guide society in its path of channeling development, basing it on the person, his dignity, freedom and responsibility.

With full coherence to the principles of humanism and freedom, and acquires special relevance in moments of social transformation

Juan Manuel Sinde

President, Arizmendiarrieta Kristau Fundazioa

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