Algaeo makes systems that turn single use containers into algae bioreactors for the purpose of food, fertilizer, education, energy, and carbon credits. Algaeo sells these systems as well as carbon credits via its website. We also partner with other algae organizations outside of the United States to further enhance reach and deliverability of systems.


Algaeo's purpose is to create a clean circular economy that harnesses the power of software and hardware and ultimately protects the planet. Algae is a super plant organism that is heavily underutilized in our modern economy. Algae fertilizers are capable of providing valuable nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to plants – while simultaneously enhancing soil health. Several species of algae can be eaten and provide a suitable amount of protein, vitamins, and energy to consumers on a daily basis. Lastly, algae can be used as a means of interactive ESG/Climate Friendly means of STEM education within the classroom, giving teachers a huge advantage for creating engaging and interactive environmental lessons using algae. Another use case is that of carbon capture. Many are trying to develop new ways of generating decarbonization methodologies and techniques. Algae absorbs 50%-200% more carbon dioxide than trees do on average! This means if we can successfully scale up algae growth we can create large carbon sinks across the globe. All of these initiatives result in the Algaeverse! A global movement aiming to increase the number of algae growers.

Nicholas Sokol

Founder, Algaeo

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Algaeo is committed to addressing climate change by expanding the number of algae growers across the globe by December 1st, 2023.

Activities & Initiatives

Algaeo will expand our global network of algae growers by placing equipment that supports the growth of algae directly in the hands of educators parents and the agriculture sector. Algae is a sustainable and planet friendly resource with a variety of use cases. Within the classroom it can be a powerful tool for STEM education and in our farms, greenhouses, and nurseries it can be used as a method of carbon sequestration but also as a source of environmentally friendly fertilizer. We will utilize a combination of sensors and photogrammetry to track sustainable CO2 reductions of approximately 20 tons in a single year. The data produced will be shared with purchasers of our carbon credits and can be directly used to support the environment.

Measures & Targets

Algaeo will measure success by calculating the number of algae growers it captures over a period of one year and providing an estimate for the total amount of carbon dioxide absorbed based on that amount of growth.


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