Agape Care International was formed in 2006 to inspire, equip, and mobilize support for human rights initiatives and community empowerment, particularly for marginalized and minority communities across the world.


Agape Care International’s mission is to educate and inform governmental and community leaders, policymakers, legislators, religious organizations, and concerned citizens about systemic violations of human and religious rights of minority communities, and to advocate for governmental, financial, and security assistance to these vulnerable and persecuted communities.

ACI also works for the empowerment of less fortunate in the world, with specific focus in East Africa and in South Asia, by partnering with local leaders to provide programmatic and financial assistance that ultimately advances education, healthcare, poverty and malnutrition, youth empowerment, and skills training.

Over the past fifteen years, ACI has worked with local organizations to impact change in a variety of developmental areas. While we customize our approach based on the needs of the local community, our key focus areas as an organization include the following:

  • Infant & Newborn Health
  • Poverty & Malnutrition
  • Rural Water Supply
  • Religious & Ethnic Pluralism
  • Skills & Workforce Training

Dr. Victor Joseph

President, Agape Care International

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