Aera VC is an early-growth fund investing in deep tech ventures that accelerate the world towards a sustainable future. We invest globally across two disciplined verticals with a focus on Climate and Frontier markets. We have been generating outstanding financial returns since 2016 while investing in the pursuit of a better world. The companies we have backed are the best illustration of what we invest in, aspire to and can achieve. We are excited that these companies are only just getting started and we have already established a truly global footprint. Aera Foundation is the cornerstone beneficiary and visionary behind Aera VC, and seek to catalyse a global community of investors, advisors and families to accelerate entrepreneurs to be the best in the world and the best for the world.


Aera VC was incubated by the Aera Foundation, which was established by Aera VC’s co-founder Derek Handley and his wife Maya. The Foundation is a registered charity that invests in imaginative ways to improve the state of our people and planet.

The Foundation’s genesis was to incubate an initiative with transformative positive potential that could also generate long-term financial benefit. The Foundation is a key stakeholder in Aera VC.

Aera is the Latin root of the word era: of our time. Maya and Derek chose this name to work on endeavours representative of the change needed for our generation. We are here to build towards this change for the long term, fundamentally shifting the world’s axis towards a sustainable future and a new era. Our logo expresses the world under protection yet with direction upwards, forwards, into the beyond.

Derek Handley

Founder, Aera Foundation (Aera VC)

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We believe it is vital to state clearly to the world the set of our beliefs about Inclusive Capitalism. As such, we start with our Statement of Guiding Principles for Inclusive Capitalism. Knowing that words alone are not enough, each of us is making a series of commitments about how we will operate our institutions so that they help achieve Inclusive Capitalism. These commitments are forward-looking statements based on current goals, expectations and assumptions, which are not guarantees of future performance. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Use

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Aera VC will back 100 companies by 2030 with a pathway to remove or reduce a Gigatonne of CO2.

Activities & Initiatives

Aera VC will invest in companies that have the potential to transform multi-billion dollar industries while reversing climate change. This includes technology to reduce, remove or limit greenhouse gas emissions including direct air capture, sequestration and other processes. We will also invest in companies offering measurement, infrastructure and other enablers for global carbon and related markets. Technologies that provide resilience to climate change, and those driving planet friendly use of alternative proteins will also be focussed on.

Measures & Targets

Aera VC will measure progress by tracking CO2 reductions as volume with a goal of a Gigatonne by 2030.

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Recognizing it will take alignment of all our organizations to scale impact globally, we invite you to join the movement as a Steward of Inclusive Capitalism. Together, the collective action of Council members will contribute to a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future for all people and our planet.