Upstream | Oil Majors Including BP Partner with Council for Inclusive Capitalism for Energy Transition Framework

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism, a global grouping of chief executives and public sector leaders, has released a framework to deliver “a just energy transition” that included input from energy majors such as BP, Eni and Reposl.

The Council warns that the transition to a net zero economy risks growing inequality with a loss of jobs and investment in impacted communities, adding it is imperative companies transition in a way that is focused on workers, communities, and consumers.

“We must ensure that workers and communities do not lose out as we strive to help our planet. We must take everyone with us,” said BP chief executive Bernard Looney. “That is why developing this framework made sense to us at BP. We want a transition that ensures no one is left behind.”

Read the full story on UpstreamOnline.

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