Preparing For “S” Disclosure Two-Part Webinar Series

September 15, 2022
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Companies and investors are increasingly focused on advancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals to achieve long-term profitability and lasting value creation, but companies are often confused by how to approach reporting on S goals in particular. The European Union’s European Financial Reporting Advisory Group (EU EFRAG) is already developing ‘social’ disclosures, and there are discussions underway as to how the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) and the United States Security and Exchange Commission (US SEC) might best integrate key social issues into their own standards in the near term. This webinar series provided clarity and understanding of these developments and explored what good looks like in practice.

This learning series was a joint initiative of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, and Shift.

Part One: Regulations and Standards took place at 11am EDT on September 13 and explored evolving regulations and standards and will provide clarity on the scope of social disclosures and characteristics of good “S” metrics. Featured speakers included:

  • Clare Connellan – Partner, White & Case
  • Natalie Nicholess – Senior Director, Capitals Coalition
  • Vincent Siegerink – Economist/Policy Analyst, Center for Well-being, Inclusion, Sustainability, and Equal Opportunity, OECD

Watch the Recording:






Part Two: Best Practices took place at 11am EDT on September 15 and explored best practices for corporate “S” disclosure and evolving investor evaluation of companies’ social performance. Featured speakers include:

  • Giulia Corinaldi – Director of Inclusive Economies Programmes, Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Nikolaj Halkjaer Pederson – Senior Manager, Human Rights, Principles for Responsible Investment
  • Marte Johnsen Stensrud – Vice President Human Rights and Social Responsibility, Equinor

Watch the Recording:







ESG factors, which measure a company’s commitment to environmental, social and governance issues, have become critical to understanding a company’s performance.  For a primer on this topic, watch the video below.



Earlier this year, the Council for Inclusive Capitalism announced a new series of events to advance learning and adoption of inclusive and sustainable business practices within our community. We will provide members with opportunities to connect with fellow members and experts to exchange best practices, share tools and learning resources, and discuss what’s next throughout the year. Business leaders will be invited to share their experiences with a focus not only on the “what” of inclusive capitalism practices, but also the “how to” behind them.


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