Change begins with the actions we take.

Change begins with the actions we take.

Notes from the Council | Newsletter June 2021

Our challenging times call for new ideas and bold leadership. Inequality, lack of trust in institutions, and general unravelling of the social fabric are becoming more pronounced globally. These challenges won’t be solved by one entity, one industry, or even one sector alone. It will take the collective actions and commitment of all of us. It will also take private sector ingenuity and innovation to ensure that our global economy meets the needs of all people while protecting the planet.

Business leaders are joining the Council for Inclusive Capitalism to put forth their innovations and initiatives for a more inclusive capitalism, and they gain insight from the best practices of others. The result is a community of learning that advances the most impactful ethical and ESG business practices at scale.

Our members’ ideas and actions are made public on the Council’s commitments platform where they can be searched and filtered by industry sector, geography, priority area, UN Sustainable Development Goal, and World Economic Forum sustainable value creation pillar. To date, more than 100 members have made nearly 350 commitments to take action to advance inclusive economies and thriving societies.

We hope you find inspiration from their work.

With thanks,
Meredith Sumpter, CEO

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Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose® (CECP) virtually brought together hundreds of corporate leaders at their annual Summit in May 2021 to discuss social strategies for better business. Council founder Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Council member Fiona Ma, California State Treasurer, joined CECP CEO Daryl Brewster to offer insights into the post-pandemic business landscape and share their action plan for building a better future through the Council for Inclusive Capitalism. Watch here.



Consultancy firm FUNDES specializes in the development of micro & small businesses to achieve economic and social progress. See how Elfid and FUNDES are taking action for a more inclusive capitalism.

How are the ESG and responsible investing movements evolving in Latin America?

Organizations committed to social and environmental factors in Latin America are looking for more efficient ways to fuel systemic change. From an ecosystem perspective, the responsible investment movement continues to gain traction, with stakeholders increasingly recognizing that long-term prosperity requires moving away from short-term profit as the only definition of value.

However, when it comes to leveraging capital to drive impact at scale, there is no one-size-fits-all financial instrument, and next-level results call for partners who are ready to co-design alternative and innovative investing models.

How did the work of the Council motivate you to act?

By defining bold and forward-looking criteria for the commitments, the Council has set the bar for members to demonstrate the transition of their operations into meaningful contributions towards sustainability. As a firm with 40 years of testing and learning from on-the-ground reality in emerging markets, we share the passion for measurement and analysis of impact to be able to pinpoint what works, and what doesn’t, and look forward to gaining insight and exchanging experiences with other members.

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What does the future hold for sustainable business practice, and who will lead the charge to enact sustainable strategy? A new report from The Sustainability Board Report seeks to understand the leadership landscape of 2030 and forecasts four distinct, but equally plausible, future scenarios. On July 1, the Sustainability Board Report will host a virtual roundtable – apply to join here. Speakers include:

Meredith Sumpter, CEO of The Council for Inclusive Capitalism
Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of ESG Competent Boards
Professor Mike Rosenberg, Professor of the Practice of Management at IESE



Laura Kellers Queen, EDD
Founder & CEO, 29Bison

Dr. Victor Joseph
President, Agape Care International

Dr. Pasquine Ogunsaya
CEO and Doctor, Alive Medical Services

Enzo Villani
Founder and CEO, Alpha Sigma Capital

Steve Kelner
President, Ascent Leadership Networks

Paul J. Winkler
Founder and President, Attollo

Rich Lesser
CEO, Boston Consulting Group

Stephen B. Young
Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table for Moral Capitalism

John Chiang
Co-Chair, Leadership Council, California Forward (CA FWD)

Ina von Turow

Elfid Torres

Laura Kiernan, IRC, CPA
Founder and CEO, High Touch Investor Relations

Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada
Co-Founder, iPowerz

G. Mark Hardy
President and Founder, National Security Corporation

David Katz
Founder and CEO, Plastic Bank

Josu Jon Imaz
CEO, Repsol

Simon Littlewood
CEO, SDG Global Group

Agnes Dasewicz

Lim Young Jin
CEO, Shinhan Card

John Arensmeyer
Founder and CEO, Small Business Majority

James Loree
CEO, Stanley Black & Decker

Nitin Chugh
MD and CEO, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

Bruno Bobone
President, UNIAPAC

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